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Is My Marriage Over?

I see new clients at 10am and 2pm every day, about 50 weeks per year. I am privileged to have prospective clients come in my office and [...]

Co-Parent? You’ve Got to Be Kidding???

You’ve finally gotten through the divorce. You are single and free from whatever characteristics of your Ex that made continuation of the marriage impossible. You hope you [...]

School’s Out For Summer!!!

The famed lyrics of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” come to mind as we begin to see kids at the shopping malls, fast food restaurants and [...]

Can My Kiddo Talk to the Judge?

The Texas Family Code allows the court to conduct an “interview of child in chambers.” The point of this statute section is “to determine the child’s wishes.” [...]

Family Law and Facebook

Since the launch of Facebook in February 2004, our society has become increasingly dependent on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the infrastructure of our [...]

Experts in Custody Litigation – Best Interest of the Child?

Experts in civil litigation are those who can assist the judge or jury in deciding a certain issue because they have special knowledge or experience. An expert [...]

Children Are Not Weapons

Did your parents divorce when you were a child or adolescent? Did your parents fight for control [...]

Mediation in Family Law

It is undisputed that reaching an amicable agreement is better for families, children (and checkbooks) than a [...]

Help!!!! They took my tax refund!!

If you are ordered to pay child support and fall behind, the Attorney General of Texas can [...]

CPS: Can they take my kids?

I consider myself fortunate to devote hundreds of hours every year to appointments in East Texas counties [...]

Top Ten Client Quotes & Anecdotes

Through the years clients have come to my office for advice regarding family law matters such as [...]

Yikes! I’ve been subpoenaed to testify!

Your best friend is going through a divorce. The relationship has been rocky for a long time, [...]

I just got served! What is a TRO? What are Temporary Orders?

Frantic clients come in my office with a stack of papers, which were delivered to them by [...]

Why Can’t I Move? What is a Geographic Restriction?

Imagine that you and your partner are splitting up, and you have agreed that you will have [...]

Yours, Mine and Ours: Characterization of Property in Family Law

From the day you say “I do”, you and your spouse begin to accumulate community property. In [...]

Collaborative Law

Side by side with my fellow East Texas family law professionals, I spend hours each week in [...]

What is Guideline Child Support?

Many of my clients think they know the “rules” as stated in the Texas Family Code for [...]

What? I am MARRIED?

Texas remains in the minority of states that recognize what was traditionally referred to as common law [...]