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Child Support

The guidelines for child support included in the Texas Family Code serve to provide some uniformity to the amount of child support ordered. There is a presumption that this amount is in the best interest of the child. The code sets out percentages of net resources (as statutorily defined) based on the number of children for which support is ordered. If you receive child support or have to pay support, you may already know that the percentage of net resources for one child is 20%, two children is 25%, three children is 30% and so on. There are offsets to these amounts if you have other dependent children not included in the support order. Generally, payments made for extracurricular activities, clothing, school supplies and lunches are not an offset against the child support calculations. If you have questions regarding child support, we will be glad to help you with initial orders for child support. In addition we can assist with modification or enforcement of current support orders.